Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Welcome to my blog!

Howzit! and welcome to Ear 4 the Earth!
This series of shows focuses on issues of the environment that have become important globally, but also in my small town Grahamstown, in the Eastern Cape of South Africa.

I am very passionate about the beauty of the world we live in, but having grown up in the bush and all over Southern Africa, the local effects on the environment hold a special place with me.

With the Eastern Cape being the economically poorest regiono of South Africa, there is a large demographic who do not understand or even know that there is a crisis on our hands. I want to target the people of Grahamstown through our local Radio Grahamstown, and introduce them to the issues that are becoming an increasing worry. I am focusing on Food/Health, Water, Energy, and Recycling, outlining the topics and enlightening people to how easy a solution in one's lifestyle can be.

At the moment I am doing the Food feature. Look out for more blogs and podcasts to follow the progress of the 'Carbon Cutout'. I am hoping to build this as a model or template that can be followed and implemented in other communities or towns, making way for local by local environmental change. Enjoy!

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