Monday, August 30, 2010

Killing your babies

Yes I know it's hardly the description you'd expect from a sound editor or a journalist of any nature, but this term is the territory of editors around the world. It describes the act of deleting and deleting and deleting awesome sound (or material) because you simply don't need it, or it wont fit. In my case, it will not fit. My slots are only ten minutes each and I want to stick to the professionalism assigned.

As 4 ten minuters, it's an easier idea to market and sell, and it just makes it more broadcastable as it is an easy number to fit into a Radio Grahamstown schedule. Editing otherwise is going well, but it is slow work and there is a lot of sound to listen through. The problem is I have so much that I lose track of what I want to keep while picking up mroe material that I want to keep an hour into the audio.

I am getting better at this process though for sure...compared to previously in the year, and I am able to kill my babies and move on a lot quicker. Im quite happy with most of the sound I have although I think I could've got more for a greater scope for the electricity feature. Although the Wind Farm issue iss the major thing on the lips of Grahamstonians and the potential it holds for us to move closer to an independent and greener town. So from this point of viewm I knew I wanted to focus on Garth Cambray's views, backed by some others.

I am enjoying putting the series together and look forward to any other projects of a similar nature soon, especially for communtiy radio where you can refer to places and people a locals, and build that sense of community that a small place like this really has going for it.

keep track for some audio uploads soon!

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