Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Waterless toilets!

Today I managed to sit down for a great interview with Nikki Kohly, Safety, Health & Environmental Officer in the Rhodes University Estates Division. Her insights were awesome to say the least...very inspired and inspiring. I will use quite a bit of her interview in my piece because she spoke well to the inequalities that exist in Grahamstown and the opportunity that is possible to make our water situation better. She outline very well the need for better ablution, and the need that there is for proper water supply, as well as the science of water.

The sustainability that goes into her household and garden is an example of what one person can do to make a difference, a big difference. I look forward to the addition she has made to my series.

At the moment I am also trying to get creative making a jingle for the show. Its proving tough. Couple days to go till its hopefully done!! Thanks again to Nikki, as well as Robyn Hills who gave me an in depth desciption into permaculture, how people can take better advantage of their gardens, and agriculture, whether its a couple of trees, a veg garden or in their diet. So far, so good...couple more interviews today and Im getting there! :)

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